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Sunday, 4 November 2012

iPhone 5,Just an iPhone.

Apple launched their new iPhone which is called iPhone 5 on 12 Sept with some of other music products like iPod Touch and Nano. They look awesome and unique but the Nano looks quite familiar with the one from Samsung. So any updates on any latest suing issues??i don't think there is any. Anyway,lets look at the iPhone 5. New iPhone,new processor,new blah blah and a lot of new features. But its the same iPhone on a new body piece. Its 0.5 inch taller than the older iPhone but it thinner 18% compared to its predecessor.

Apple has done an amazing work on its screen even though its still smaller and lack of ppi, some how they've managed to embed the sensors into the screen which makes the screen the only sensor for the phone. They've not changed the battery capacity but its new dual-core processor with some slight changes on its spec have given the phone an advantage of not killing the battery too much.
Even if there is some lacking in the new iPhone. Its still the best one yet and have high demands which can't be beaten by other companies. iPhone 5,just another iPhone by Apple or the best smartphone yet?

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