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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Nokia Lumia 900,Toughest Smartphone?

Nokia has finally step up its game with its own unique kind of way by launching its Lumia Series which is powered by Windows OS. This latest series have 4 mobile phones,for now, which is Lumia 900,800,710 and 610. 710 and 610 has their own design but not like 900 and 800 which is has the same unibody design similar to its predecessor which is Nokia N9 .

So,the as the title says,toughest smartphone??physically it looks kinda tough with its polycarbonate unibody which is said to be scratchless. There are some tests done to determine the strength of the phone. But who knows,theres always a different story in different hands. Watch this video,if u want to know what i meant:

So,the unibody is quite an interesting feature to look at, but the one that i like the most is its interface. It uses Windows Phone 7.5 Mango,which is by the the latest OS by Microsoft. Eventhough its suited with a standard processing unit, which is only single-core 1.4 GHz processor, its still smooth without lags. The battery life is impressive and long lasting. Its one of the way Nokia attracts buyers with this
important aspect for users nowadays and it uses less energy cause it only has to fuel a single-core processor,not a dual or quad-core processor which sucks out all our battery life. It has internal 16gb memory,not much but i dont think its gonna be a problem.

In my opinion, Nokia has gone down and submerged for too long and also been an 'underdog' for a long time. Its has been a rough pace for Nokia but now its time to rise back with its new Windows Phone. Eventhough its not on a same level as iPhone, but its worth a shot.

Credits to techcraver and GSMarena.
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