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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Save Malaysia, Stop LYNAS

Everybody in facebook and twitter are posting about this Lynas thingy and i really dont know what was it until i found out about the activities this company are planning to do. An Australian company called LYNAS, is building a $230 million plant which process "rare earth" materials. This company built their plant in a location called Gebeng near the town of Kuantan, Pahang.

First of all,rare earth are the mineral sources which are RADIOACTIVE in nature. Meaning that breaking it or processing it would be really dangerous as it gives out radioactive material. This situation has been confronted decades ago by Malaysia where there was also a processing plant under Asian Rare Earth Sdn Bhd(ARE). This occured in Bukit Merah about 30-40 years ago and till now the government has been trying to clean up the waste products. Click here to know more Bukit Merah ARE plant.

Now, the same situation is going to take place again and they are going to dispose the radioactive materials in MALAYSIA! And its really not fair cause the Australian government is expecting the turn-over but not going to pay the "price",if you know what i mean. So,what happens if all of us are exposed to this radioactive material?? Thats the main question going on in our heads. Like it was before,most probably many of us could get leukemia, infant deaths, congenital disease and lead poisoning. This is a really serious issue, and please dont think that if your staying in KL,it doesnt really affect you in any way, cause the particles could spread 50km radius and doesn't stop spreading. The radiation will eventually go down but doesnt stop spreading. Visit , for more info. And people,please support Save Malaysia,Stop LYNAS(SMSL).

Please sign this petition for your support, TQ!


  1. Good onya to help publicising this issue... the Lynas problem is not just a Kuantan or Pahang issue. It affects ALL of Malaysia and our ASEAN neighbours when this Aussie company will be dumping 500 tonnes of contaminated water into the South China Sea, 100,000 cubic meter of waste gas into the air EVERY HOUR once in operation.

    Further it will leave about half a million tonnes of hazardous radioactive sludge behind every year.

    Lynas will be paying the Western Australian Government A$18 million in taxes but NONE for Malaysia because of the 12-year tax holiday the Malaysian Government has granted it.

  2. The era of big busyness overriding all other concerns, regardless of environmental, social and ethical degradation, is over. Lynas is among the last of the wannabe dinosaur corporations that put illusory profits above all other considerations. In this particular instance, there is no benefit whatever accruing to the ordinary folks who are being forced to accept unnecessary risk to their health. As usual, the BN regime is only doing what they do best - accept massive kickbacks to line their own pockets. They don't give a fuck about the rest of us, convinced they can buy our votes with RM500 cash - and if that fails they will simply resort to paid thugs to intimidate voters.

    Time to show them the exit, folks.