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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

iPad/iPod/iPhone App : Temple Run

Today's update is about a popular ipod/ipad game which is Temple Run . Its a really simple game and i dont know what is making it so addictive. The game is about running,you can clearly see in on its title and its due to the monkeys which are chasing your character in the game. The game is just about sliding,choosing the correct direction,timing and eventually,running away from that weird monkeys.

Main Menu
By collecting the coins,you can buy stuff or other characters,even upgrade your features so it could help you in the game. Even by collecting coins,you can gain multiple points and increase your multiplier when your coins increases. Its a really fun game to play. For me,i dont really see what is really making me addictive but i really enjoy it. Seriously sometimes we have to give the character a break,cause he/she been running for thousands of metres and still not tired of it.

Temple Run Store
And by the way,if im not mistaken(correct me if im wrong),the highest point achieved worldwide is about 2billion plus. So try to beat thatt. Anyways,enjoy the game. You can "like" Temple Run in Facebook and get updates about it here. Get it from AppStore here. Sorry for the low quality pictures.

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